Allergy Relief Tips You Can Use Now!

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Hundreds of Allergy Articles, Videos and Other Useful Resources

You will discover hundreds of articles and other resources on just about every subject relating to allergies supplied directly to us by noted allergy experts. All written without the typical fluff and condensed right down to what you need to know right here, right now to get relief from allergies. Only the latest findings are given so you can have current information from specialized allergy experts.

The treatment of allergies is dependent on having the right information for the type of allergic disorder in question. Whether you are seeking current information ranging from skin allergies to sinus allergies to food allergies and everything in between; Allergy Relief Expert is here. We even have current postings on other related subjects such as asthma and indoor air pollution.

New postings are added weekly,  so check back with us regularly and join us in our journey to bring allergy relief to everyone!

Additional Allergy Pages:

Disclaimer: This is general information only and readers should not rely on this data for any type of medical diagnosis and instead should consult with their physician or a medical specialist. People may express a wide range of allergy symptoms and health complaints which can appear to be related to airborne allergens, food allergens or beverage allergens.

This site is sponsored by various organizations which provide allergy related products or services. Please visit sponsor sites and help keep active.


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  • Susan Dymond:

    This sounds like a really good course; when I read the tags, I am thinking that for the first time, I may be able to actually solve some of my long-standing allergy problems. Thanks! Susan

  • Jim Rodgerson:

    Great website. I obtained some very valuable information. I’m referring your site to others and am using it as a resource!

  • Michelle LeBaron:

    Very helpful information. If people were aware of how they can help themselves and be less dependent on Big Pharma their lives would be greatly improved.

  • As a parent with a child that has asthma this is VERY useful information. Currently, he is on 3 different types of medication and with the cost of health insurance it gets expensive. This is a great resource. Thanks!

  • J. Shepherd:

    As a father of a special needs child, I have received mostly negative “give up” type advise from the medical community. I have learned from experience that their is a lot a person can do. Many special needs children have numerous allergies and once they are removed, great improvement is seen. Great web site and great info.

  • Dr. B. Cranor:

    Your information concerning vaccum cleaners and the potential exacerbation of allergy problems in the home is something eveyone should be aware. Thank you for providing the simple truths and methods of controlling the most common household allergens through your Sick House course.
    B. Cranor, PhD, MPH

  • Mary Ellen:

    This sounds like something I have needed for a long time. I never in my mind that a vaccum cleaner could produce so much havoc.

  • Richard Fletcher:

    Great information! We really appreciate the variety of allergy info published on one site.

  • Wow! what an concept ! What a idea ! Lovely .. Remarkable ? I normally don?t post in Blogs but your blog compelled me to, incredible function.. lovely ?

  • Your tips are most excellent! Thank you for the valuable information!

  • Very informative content. If people were aware of how they can help themselves and be less dependent on allergy relief their lives would be greatly improved.Thanks for sharing those information …..

  • Stephen Henley:

    I’m very excited to find this web site. I have read many of the great postings and will come back regularly.

    I am a lifelong allergy sufferer and am always looking for ways I can reduce my symptoms.

    Thanks for the great work!

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