Allergy Prevention

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allergy-preventionThere are many beliefs in the best methods for allergy prevention when compared to the straightforward methods of diagnosing and treating allergies. Here are some of our most important questions with the best answer for allergy prevention.

Can allergies be prevented?
Generally, people who are aware of their problems can avoid offending allergens by not walking or driving in the country during the pollen season; by avoiding drafts and exposure to cold; by minimizing their exposure to house-dust; by trying not to breath the fumes of paint, insecticides or products containing irritants and other allergy symptom triggers. Allergic persons should strive to stay in good physical condition and to avoid emotional tension and fatigue. When they occur, respiratory infections should be taken seriously and treated immediately. It is especially important that parents watch children for allergic tendencies.

Foods are a common cause of allergies in infancy. Breast milk is preferable than cow’s milk in potentially allergic children. Eggs, wheat products and nuts should be added to the diet one at a time, and the child’s reaction should be recorded in a daily log.

Can indoor allergies be prevented?
When it comes to indoor pollutants; bedrooms and frequently used rooms should be kept as dust-free as possible. It is important to utilize HEPA vacuums and air purifiers which clean airborne particles from the air very efficiently. The more they are used, the better the indoor air quality becomes. Having pets such as a dog or cat should be avoided in homes which have an allergy sufferer as animal dander is hard to remove from the indoor environment once they are introduced.

Is good health important to allergy prevention?
Yes, allergy symptoms may be minimized with good health. The best way to achieve and maintain good health is with a balanced diet and a well-rounded program of exercise, recreation and rest. Smoking and drinking can actually set you up for allergy reactions and should be avoided. Although these measures will not cure allergies, they help prevent allergic symptoms by contributing to better resistance.

What are lesser-known allergy triggers?
Allergy scientist state that such emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger and strong excitement can precipitate an allergy attack. This is not to say, however, that these emotions are the physical basis of the allergy; which is real and of primary importance to people with allergies. In general, the allergic sufferer is better off in an atmosphere of calm and confidence. Parents of asthmatic children should as much as possible, maintain an attitude of calm and reassurance. The allergic child for example, should be encouraged to be self-reliant and to take part in family activities as possible.

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