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Allergy Vacuum Cleaner or Vacuum Polluter?

It is easy to “clean by sight” when vacuuming a floor or carpeting – a couple of passes with the vacuum and the dirt, dust and particles are gone. However, what we don’t see are the thousands of microscopic particles still remaining which can cause a host of allergic symptoms.

A great portion of indoor air pollutants fall into the broad category particles, also known as particulate matter. I consider particulate matter control in the indoor environment to be at the top of the list for improving and maintaining good IAQ.

Particulate matter is derived from a multitude of sources including but not limited to pesticides, lead dust from sanding of old paint, synthetic fibers, organic fibers, dust mite feces, insect parts, bug parts, soot, chemical powder, pollen parts, tobacco smoke and of course, just good old house dust.

Each cubic foot of air in your home can contain tens of thousands of particles and are measured in microns. There are 25,400 microns in one inch. Approximately 98-99% of all particles by count are in the size range of 10 microns or less and the majority of harmful particles are 3 microns or less in size. The average adult breathes in about 16,000 quarts of air per day. Each quart of air breathed in contains some 70,000 visible and invisible particles. That’s potentially a billion particles per day taken in by our respiratory system.

Without doubt, the greatest tool available to remove these particles of all sizes including microscopic particles is the HEPA (High Efficient Particle Air) vacuum. The certified HEPA filter vacuum cleaner (or central vacuum system) is the best particle removing device over which you have total control. You decide what surfaces you vacuum and when. Any other vacuum filter is potentially a vacuum polluter and only recycles the microscopic particles which are responsible for many respiratory allergies.

Regular use of HEPA vacuum technology can drastically improve allergies symptoms in a home environment.

About the author:
Stan K. Hall has been a recognized specialist in indoor air pollution for 25 years and has performed over 400 in-home environmental evaluations. He has been recommended by doctors, nutritionist’ as well as other health professionals for his expertise in diagnosing and remediating sick houses. Go to the Sick House Doctor website.

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