Animal Allergies

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animal-allergiesAnimal allergies are one of the most common type of reactions allergy sufferers experience worldwide. Here are some of our most important common questions along with the best answer for animal-related allergies.

We had a dog for two years before our son became asthmatic. How could the dog be the cause if the asthma took so long to develop?
No one is allergic to a substance the first time it is encountered; a period of sensitization usually precedes the onset of allergy. Two years is a typical period, though some allergies may appear sooner.

Is it safe to have a pet that does not shed?
The allergen from dogs or cats that causes an allergic reaction is not present in the hair of the animal, but rather in the dander (flakes of the animals skin).

Is it all right to have a pet if it is outside most of the time?
It only takes a few minutes for sufficient dander to accumulate on carpets, furniture and other indoor surfaces. This is why allergic individuals have a problems when a pet is kept outside or even kept in a basement. It should be noted that when the pet is removed from the house, and after thorough cleaning, it may take up to 4 weeks for the dander to dissipate. Cat dander can actually take years to disappear from the indoor environment once introduced.

Can’t I just receive shots for allergy to dogs?
Allergy injections for sensitivity to animal dander are not advisable except in unusual circumstances.  One circumstance is a blind person who becomes allergic to an seeing-eye dog; another is a veterinarian who becomes allergic to animals. The most effective course of action is to remove the pet from the environment.

I have two children who are allergic to pollen and mold. They have never had problems around animal. Is it safe to give them a dog or a cat?
Allergic children are predisposed to allergies to new substances. A Casual encounter, such as visiting friends who have a pet may not be enough to sensitize a child; but continued, massive exposure to a house pet such as a dog or cat may. Unfortunately, this sensitization frequently takes one or two years, which means the new allergy becomes evident just as the net pet becomes an integral part of the family and just when separation can be the most traumatic for the child. The best advice is simply not to have a dog, cat or other fur-bearing animal in the home where a family member is allergic. Some pets that are safe for allergic families are tropical fish, turtles, chameleons, iguanas and snakes.

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Abraham Hicks ~ Allergies to animals

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