Detergent Allergy

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detergent-allergiesIf your clothes bother your skin or cause skin rashes, you may suffer from detergent allergies. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, contact dermatitis (a skin rash) is an inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact with an irritating or allergy-causing substance. This type an allergic reaction may cause a rash that can linger up to 48 hours after exposure.

Certain detergent products are labeled as soap making label reading paramount to preventing allergic exposures. As a general rule, the more added ingredients, the more potential allergens.

Detergent Allergy Strategies

  • Visit an allergist. They can help you determine what substances or chemicals you may be allergic to. Keep a journal of your allergic reactions prior to visiting the doctor to help them identify possible culprits. If the source of your allergies cannot be easily identified, your doctor may recommend skin-patch testing.
  • Consider using corticosteroid skin creams which are known to reduce skin inflammation.
  • Seek out dye- and perfume-free detergents and fabric softeners. Consider clear types since color and scents are chemicals known to cause allergic reactions.
  • Get a second recommendation if your doctor cannot help you improve your skin irritations within two weeks. An allergy doctor may prescribe oral steroids as a short-term treatment for severe cases.
  • Use the extra-rinse cycle to fully wash out any detergents use.
  • If your water is soft or normal, then don’t use fabric softener.
  • Purchase allergy-free detergents which are 100% free of petroleum-based or other hazardous ingredients, fragrances, phosphates, animal by-products, dyes and other common triggers for allergies.

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