Electromagnetic Allergies

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Our society, with its many advantages, is not risk-free. We must continually weigh the benefits derived from new materials and products against the potentials hazards. Many problems arising from external sources of electromagnetic force of beyond our control~but we can make evaluations, take precautions and exercise control over our own use of devices which emit a electromagnetic frequency (EMF.)

People have experienced symptoms and illnesses from using electromagnetic devices ranging from headaches to cancer. European countries such as Sweden and others have set minimum standards for exposure to electromagnetic fields, while the U.S. seems to mostly ignore the issue. As a result, the burden of limiting exposure to an electric energy field has been placed on the public themselves throughout much of the world. The key to limiting exposure is the gathering of knowledge about electromagnetic energy and the possible effects on the human body.

Consider the length of time that you use electrical appliances everyday. For example, the electromagnetic field generated from an electric razor or hair dryer is greater than that of a television set or computer, exposure time to these appliances is much shorter.

Here are some simple precautions you may take to protect against electromagnetic low-frequency energy waves or fields:

  • Keep as few electrical appliances in your bedroom as possible. This will help minimize the exposure during your sleeping time.
  • Do not use electric blankets or heating pads, especially near your head.
  • Use a screening shield to reduce the waves from your computer monitor if you use an old-style CRT unit or purchase a newer LCD type monitor which emits low electromagnetic frequency.
  • Check all electrical cords to insure their insulation is intact.
  • Choose a bedroom which is far removed from the entry of the main electrical source into the home.
  • If possible, choose a home site that is far from overhead high-power electrical lines.
  • Avoid free-standing or individual electric room heaters.
  • PET-OWNERS: Keep your dogs and cats from lying on electrical cords for long periods of time as they can develop serious illnesses from exposure to EMF just as humans. In fact, it is believed that certain canine and feline leukemia cases may be caused by their exposure to EMF.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Electromagnetic energy fields can have the most detrimental effect on the brain, so limit your exposure to these fields over time and keep a distance of at least 12” when possible. This would include the usage of a cell phone; use a wireless bluetooth device or even an external mic whenever possible to minimize your overall exposure times.

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