Feather Allergies

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feather-allergy While feather pillows are not as common in the home as they were 50 years ago, there are still found in bedrooms all across the world. Some people just prefer a feather pillow because they are softer and for other for various reasons. Feather pillows are also believed to be more beneficial for injured and pregnant women because they put less pressure on the body and conform more easily to one’s needs.

Even though many feathers pillows are sold as  ‘hypoallergenic down’ material, they may still cause allergic reactions to individuals depending the the source of the feather and whether or not they were properly cleaned prior to manufacture. A hypoallergenic down product indicates that the pillow has a breathable inner protective shell.  Many manufacturers state that their down pillows are machine washable but it is not recommended if there are allergy sufferers in the household.

Low quality feather pillows can shed loose feathers thus creating a greater potential of allergies to those present.  Given the fact that quality comes with a price, a superior quality pillow should last for years with less problems.

Care Tips for a Feather Pillow:

  • Because feather pillows are organic, they must be kept it in hygienic condition and should always be encased in a protective cover.
  • A feather pillow must be hand washed using a minimal amount of biodegradable detergent. Even though feathers have a natural tendency to repel water they should never be subjected to excess moisture.
  • Feather pillows in particular should be kept in a washable outer liner and should be cleaned each time sheets are washed.

About the Author: Samantha Davies owns a boutique in Chicago which specializes in fine household bedding products.

How To Get a Hotel Room Without Feather Pillows

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