Feline Allergy

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feline allergyOwning and caring for pets is a favorite pastime around the world, and many people grow so close to their pets as they do to people in their lives. Choose what kind of pet can depend on a variety of factors, such as where to live, and their own personal preference.

Dogs and cats are the most common pets that many have, however, due to cat allergies, many of those who otherwise would love to have a cat can not. Cat allergies can range from mild to severe, so it is important to take special care when you are around these precious felines.

Dealing with cat allergies

Up to 40% of people with asthma have cat allergies and are much more sensitive to these creatures than dogs. A protein found in cat skin and saliva is the element which is considered problematic for people with the condition. When a cat licks its skin in order to clean itself, then licks you or something else in the home, they deposit this protein on that surfaces causing a reaction in sensitive individuals.

An allergen can promote a reaction to pollen, dust mites and animal dander. The cat hair itself is not causing the reaction, but the protein that is present in dander and saliva. When then allergens become airborne, then the symptoms begin.

Although not specifically known, male cats are believed to cause more allergic reactions than girls due to increased testosterone in the glands of the cat, which in turn increases the protein. The cat allergen is found mostly in homes where cats live, however, has been found in offices and other places where animals are not always allowed. It is very sticky and can be stick to the clothing of people from one place to another.

Protein particles that cause feline allergies can stay aloft for long periods of time, and those who are sensitive are more likely to have a quick reaction when you go to a room where a cat is or has been.  Opening a window or using a fan extraction can often help to reduce allergens in the air.

The most common symptom of cat allergies is wheezing that begins when someone enters a room with the cats. However, the reactions are more subtle, delayed, so they can persist for weeks. Chronic asthma can be a constant problem for those who are continually exposed. Hives may also occur, and atopic eczema. To be on the safe side, avoid these animals as much as you can to stay healthy.

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