Inherited Allergies

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inherited-allergiesAllergies tend to run in families and can be passed down to children from generation to generation.  People who tend to suffer with chronic allergies are usually referred to as “atopic allergy” sufferers. Atopics have an underlying tendency to allergic reactions and may be encoded in the DNA that are passed from parent to child. The genetic risks from two parents can add up but the actual figures are uncertain because the results may vary from study to study. If one parent is atopic, then there is a 20-58 percent chance a child will be also, whereas if both parents are atopic, then the chance grows to 50-80 percent. Whats shocking is the fact that allergies seem to be on the increase even though we carry the genetic allergy makeup of our ancestors.

However, genes are about two-thirds of the problem with our environment playing an important role in allergies. Environmental conditions such as diet, smoke, air pollutants, pollen, dust mites, mold and other allergens determine whether or not an allergic reaction occurs. Allergens in our indoor and outdoor continue to increase thus causing more allergic reactions even in those individuals with little or no allergies the previous year. Luckily, we do have control over the indoor environment and can eliminate certain allergens from our home such as smoke, dust mites, insects and so on.

Controlling Environmental Allergies

Food allergies can be controlled through medication, allergy shots and elimination dieting choices. However, indoor environmental allergies can be controlled by reducing the amount of airborne allergens.  A H.E.P.A. (High Efficient Particle Air) air purifier or vacuum cleaner are proven to dramatically reduce allergens from the indoor air. The consistent weekly use of H.E.P.A. devices can make a huge improvement in airborne related allergies while at home.

About the author: Stan K. Hall a.k.a. The Sick House Doctor is a recognized specialist in Indoor Air Pollution as well as Health & Safety in the home. He has performed over 400 indoor environmental evaluations over the past 26 years and has helped hundreds of homeowners make their homes a haven. He is widely known as the originator of T.E.A.M., the scientifically proven approach to controlling and resolving indoor air pollution. There is more information about allergies on:

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