Makeup Allergy

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makeup-allergySkin rashes are a common skin discomfort which causes small red spots, redness and itching. It can happen anywhere on your skin – your face, hands or legs.

Using personal care products such as skin cleanser, toner, scrub, mask, moisturizer or skin may cause an allergic reaction.  No matter if you’re using chemical based or natural herbal product, if your skin cannot cope or accept a particular ingredient, your skin may break out. Some people may be allergic to essential oils, including the most expensive and brand-care products.

Switching products for skin care (different brands) too often in a short period of time say within a month or two, can also cause irritation and sometimes rash on the face. Case in point; Roberta tries many different skin care products and had severe skin eruptions as a result. Just before her skin could adjust to the current brand, she decided to try new ones. Finally, the skin could not take it and started showing signs of eruptions.

When trying new products, try to do a skin test and wait a day or so. Switch to a brand new one only when necessary because of changes in the skin, most importantly after 6-8 months of using the same skin care brand. Do not be tempted to try new products for care skin after viewing TV ads. If you want to, get some samples and try it in the neck or hands.

Old makeup products, as foundation, concealer, lipstick, rouge, eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow can cause skin rashes. Beware of make up tools like brushes dirty dirty comb. Try not to keep your brand more than 6 months in hot and humid area, and the area of dry cold weather, keep it up to about a year after the expiration deadline, but no more.

To allow your make up to last longer, keep the product clean and fresh at all times. Clean the sides and corners bottles, tubes or containers after use each time to avoid any contamination.

Do not allow certain products chemicals such as laundry detergent, dish washing liquid or other cleaning chemicals to smear on the facial skin. Some of these substances can be too strong for facial skin resulting in skin eruptions. Hair shampoo can also cause skin problems. When washing your hair, please make sure that shampoo for hair does not flow through the area of the face. Chemicals for construction can be detrimental to your facial skin too – cement, paint, shellac thinner. Avoid placing your face close to these chemicals.

Always keep your hands clean before touching your face. The bacteria on the hands can cause acne and even skin irritation. Keep your pillows, mattress and bed clean, otherwise the mites may end up disturbing the upper layer of the skin and cause rashes on the face and entire body. Face and bath towel should be kept clean at all times to prevent skin problems too.

About the Author: Juliet Cohen writes articles for the Beauty Makeup Blog.

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Makeup Tips for Skin Allergies

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