Spring Allergy

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spring allergyRelieving Spring Allergies

After the long winter months, the spring season and the warmer weather that comes with it is always welcome; unless you have spring allergies.

As plants and trees start blooming, the pollen counts and symptoms of hay fever grow rapidly. And pollen isn’t the only thing growing as the spring showers come so does mold and the spores can create havoc for allergy sufferers.

When the pollen and mold spores are breathed in by an allergic person, the allergens are identified by the immune system as a foreign invader, triggering an immune system reaction.  Antibodies are then released by the immune system to attack the foreign invaders which release histamines.

Too many histamines released into the body at one time will cause allergy symptoms. Drugs such as antihistamines will block minimize this body chemical thus bringing temporary relief.

If you or someone you know are among the 35 million people across the globe who suffer from seasonal allergies, here are ten steps you can take to minimize spring allergies at home:

  1. Consult an allergist. Consider allergy tests and allergy shots.
  2. Remove shoes. Leave shoes at the door entrance as you enter the house.
  3. Avoid exposure. Keep the doors and windows closed to minimize pollen from entering your home; keep car windows closed.
  4. Clean yourself frequently. Wash your hair and change your clothes after coming in from the outside.
  5. Use higher efficient filters. Use pleated air filters regularly in heat pumps or air conditioners.
  6. Use the clothes dryer. Don’t hang your clothes outside to dry.
  7. Wear a mask. When outside working, consider wearing a N95 face mask approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).
  8. Purify the indoor air. Use High Efficient Particle Air (HEPA) vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. They are efficient at removing 99% of airborne allergens.
  9. Clean bedding and linens. Wash your bedding and pillow covers weekly.
  10. Clean your carpets, rugs and furniture. Vacuum twice a week with a HEPA vacuum.

About the author:
Stan K. Hall (The Sick House Doctor) is a recognized specialist in Indoor Air Pollution as well as Health & Safety in the home. He has performed over 400 indoor environmental evaluations over the past 26 years and has helped hundreds of homeowners make their homes a haven. He is widely known as the originator of T.E.A.M., the scientifically proven approach to controlling and resolving indoor air pollution. Read more about allergies at Sick House Doctor.

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