Eczema Allergies

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Eczema and Allergies

It is true that there is no cure for eczema? – and will I have to use cortisone cream for the rest of my life?

Best Answer:

Allergies are the leading cause of eczema. If you have food allergies and have eliminated food allergens from your diet, but only show a moderate improvement in the eczema symptoms, switch to an organic diet. Organic foods are not sprayed with a large amount of chemicals: herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Are fed with chemical fertilizers. The residues of these toxins remain in and about the product, no matter how well you wash it, and that you are eating small amounts of them every time you eat non-organic products. You could easily be sensitive or allergic to the toxins that have accumulated in your body over time. These chemicals not used in organic foods.

To get rid of the toxins in your body – and eczema – do a cleansing detoxification. Eliminate cleaning chemicals toxic chemicals from its cells and expel them from his body. Be assured that when you start a cleaning that may well feel worse before you begin. That’s because your body is reacting to the evil to be purged. You should start feeling better and notice an improvement in their symptoms of eczema.

You do not want to give further details on products you are sensitive to chemicals, so look around your home in the products you use. Replace products containing natural ingredients. You do not need a product with a lot of hard to pronounce chemicals in it to get your dishes, floors, laundry, or your body clean.

The same is true for lotions and creams used to moisturize the skin. Some of the ingredients, including artificial fragrances, reality can be irritating to the skin rather than help. Change to lotions containing natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera.

Source: Yahoo Answers

Healing Eczema through diet

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