Corn Allergy

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How do you deal with a corn, dairy, wheat allergy?

I have a child who tested positive to wheat, dairy, corn and allergy. What should I do to help? She is six years old.

Best Answer:

First, do not worry since there are many positive things you can do to help her.  Secondly, find a good online forum which discusses corn allergies and you can discuss with others that have similar allergies.

Here is a good forum which focuses primarily on a corn allergy;

Here are some other online sites you can try as well:

  • http://no-corn.blogspot. com

Avoiding wheat and dairy products can be difficult, but there are probably more products out there which contain corn. For example; corn syrup is a massive food sweetener that is used in millions of products worldwide. Corn is a major component in many food products such as cereals, peanut butter, snack foods and soft drinks. It is even hidden in many vitamin products. They use it because it is very cheap but it can create a host of corn related allergy symptoms. If you read the links above you’ll understand why. I really can not overemphasize the benefits of joining a corn allergy support forum as recommended. Most of those who have an allergy to corn also have other food allergies, and its not uncommon to be allergic to milk and wheat with a corn allergy.

Daniel Strong is a corn farmer in Iowa.

Severe Asthma–Allergy to Corn

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