Gluten Allergy

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gluten-allergyGluten is a protein found in grains, this protein, gluten in particular can not be digested by people suffering with the disease known as celiac.

A diet program was created to help the millions of people who have celiac disease, IBS (syndrome irritable bowel), diabetes and wheat allergies. Find food and recipes that are free of wheat, barley, rye, bulgur, semolina, flour, kasha, matzo meal, and oats which can be a problem for food allergy sufferers . (Gluten oats are not harmful but are often treated in the same factories as wheat. Look for gluten-free labels in all packages of oatmeal)

Gluten can be found in food additives and is used to stabilize and thicken foods that are processed including many alcoholic beverages. For those with celiac disease, IBS and wheat allergies, consider choosing a diet that is completely gluten-free. Unfortunately, it is a 100% commitment to be free of all grains and all that is produced with grains.

Finding gluten free foods and recipes that the whole family can eat every day was a challenge until I read about a former executive chef and owner of a 100% gluten-free, sugar free, low glycemic, organic, allergy friendly restaurant. It only goes to show that with a little research and dedication, anyone can make gluten-free meals that the whole family will eat.

About the Author: Lorrie Craven has had type 2 diabetes since 1997. She enjoys sharing diabetes recipes, news and stories about her experiences with type 2 diabetes. Check out Lorrie’s site at:

Testing For Gluten Sensitivity

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Bread Allergy

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What the symptoms of wheat bread allergy?

I was at a low-carb diet and did not eat any bread in the last month and I felt great!

My stomach stopped aching and I stopped being constipated and my lethargy was gone. As soon as I began introducing bread in small amounts, I started to get back the same symptoms I had all my life. Could this be an allergy to any bread and wheat?

Best Answer:

You are probably producing an antibody to the protein in wheat. This protein is called gluten. It  is also known as celiac disease in the US and Europe. Removing the gluten containing products from your diet and probably everything will be fine. Gluten is in products made of wheat, barley, rye and oats. 1 person in 100 in the UK is said to celiac.

See your doctor and request a blood test for the antibody or go and see a allergy doctor. The test is called the endomysium antibody test. Then get referred to a gastroenterologist if test positive and then seek out a dietitian.

The specialist will help you join celiac UK if you are in the UK. Most countries have some type of forum to advise you about your diet. Celiac is believed to be hereditary or can be contracted when you have an infection. You can give to your children.

A few people are allergic only to wheat – but is very rare and is mostly caused by the gluten in their diet.  Is sounds like you are likely to be a celiac – since you have all the symptoms. Even beer is not gluten free and many other things like soy sauce, so you need to get a list of foods gluten-free foods. Gluten-free foods are available in a prescription for celiac diagnosis.

More stores are selling bread made of rice, biscuits (cookies) that are gluten-free pasta, pizza bases, etc.

About the author: Christopher Davies owns a nutrition and vitamin store in London.

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