Allergy Headache

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allergy headache Headaches and Allergies

Any allergic reaction may cause a headache by increasing swelling and blockage of the sinuses which in turn creates pressure that causes a headache. However, not all headaches in the sinus areas is directly related to allergies.

While headache symptoms may be reduced by taking an over-the-counter pain medication; therapy for allergy related headaches should be directed at the cause such as a sinus infection, sinus inflammation or other related allergic reactions.

If you believe that you may have pain as a result of a severe sinus infection, seek medical help from a ear, nose and throat professional immediately.

Here are some helpful tips to reduce sinus pain and a directly related headache:

  • Learn more about how to reduce allergens in your home where you spend the most time.
  • Use a HEPA (High Efficient Particle Air) vacuum weekly and a HEPA air purifier daily to reduce pollen, house dust, dust mites and other airborne allergens which can be found indoors.
  • Use warm, moist cloths applied to the sinus areas for 1o minutes to reduce inflammation.
  • Irrigate your sinus cavities daily with a sinus rinse device or Neti-Pot with distilled water. This will remove excess pus and will stimulate proper nasal function.
  • Drink hot teas and fresh water to assist the sinus cilia to heal.
  • Breath in steam to assist in opening up the sinuses. It is best to use distilled water.

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