Perfume Allergies

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perfume-allergyPerfumes are used everyday by millions of people in thousands of countries around the world and is one of the broadest selling products. However, there are many people who can have serious allergic reactions to the fragrances used in them. More time than not, people who are sensitive to fragrances have been diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

Symptoms of a perfume allergy include difficultly breathing, skin rashes and has been known to cause asthma in people who are not necessarily an chronic asthma sufferer. Toddlers and young children are even more vulnerable to chemicals, as are people who are recovering from cancer and other illnesses.

Fragrances are actually chemicals and can be found in perfume and cologne which like other chemicals, may cause allergic reactions to those who have a sensitivity to them. A alcohol-based chemical is normally used as a base of the perfume. There are over 2500 fragrances used in perfume with about 105 are believed to cause an allergic reaction in humans. About 25 of these fragrances are used frequently and 12-15 are used very frequently in the more common and cheaper brands of perfume. In addition to perfume, chemical fragrances are also present in most laundry detergents, fabric softeners, anti-cling products, dish-washing liquids, disinfectants, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, aftershaves, incense and analgesic creams. Even products which are marked as “unscented”  may actually contain toxic fragrances.

About the author: Angelica Alexander is a sales representative for a national perfume and cologne distributor in New York.

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