Walnut Allergies

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walnutsAllergies are caused by a disturbance and irritation in the body’s immune system because of the invasion and influence of certain foreign substances or foreign perceived as harmful to the body. The body and its immune response has its own form of higher production of white blood cells or mast cells that receive exhibited or manifested through skin rashes and inflammation that are harmful to human health. Allergies can be caused by a variety of allergens or substances that cause allergy, such as pollutants, dust, pollen, food items, as well as smoke, and even some material substances such as wool or leather. Allergies are varied in type and virulence, as well as in the case very serious, it can lead to imminent death. Among the various types of allergies to foods that are commonly observed, walnut allergy seen in some patients, who are affected by allergy due to consumption of nuts.

The main form of allergy that affects people in the form of hypersensitivity generation. For example, families in which the nut allergy in the genes is passed from father to son and so on and so forth. These are observations that have been recorded and documented empirically by medical science in recent years. These are also influenced by age, gender and race patients. But it is wrong to attribute to allergies hereditary factors only, as there are quite a few environment-related factors that also result in the development an allergy. Get in contact with pollution, pollen in certain areas, changes in diet and infectious diseases, especially when young age are also considered important precursors of allergy.

Walnut allergy is a form of diet-induced food allergy that affects many people around the world. Like in other cases of allergy to the diet, this also leads to vomiting and the expulsion of the diet, the appearance of hives and stomach pain and diarrhea. In severe cases, you may need to go to purge the digestive tract in order to prevent loss of life. In some cases, symptoms are quite mild and manageable in mind that patients may avoid climate and the impact this type of food (nuts) to prevent the occurrence of allergy. In some cases nuts could also cause an allergy in your eyes water and you feel very sick. Walnut Allergy is caused primarily by proteins that are contained in nuts and could occur on the same people who consume nuts, and other cashew, almonds and pecans.

While most symptoms due to nut allergy are generally mild and manageable in nature, in some cases, could lead to severe dehydration, diarrhea, respiratory distress and even blood pressure variations which are harmful to health. You have to be aware of these serious and very worrying signs that the allergy is getting out of hand, simple self prescribed medication which would not. The patient must be taken to the doctor who will prescribe appropriate and sometimes strong drug that can prevent the patient from falling into anaphylactic shock, which can lead to death if not stopped in time. Walnut allergy is certainly not a condition one can afford to play with what has the power to exacerbate the situation and take the patient to the brink of death.

About the author: Jackson Davison is sales representative for a gourmet candy manufacturer (Old Dutch Cottage Candy) in Boston Massachusetts that sells their products throughout North America.

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