Winter Allergies

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Winter-allergiesWhy do I feel terrible every morning during fall and winter seasons?

Spring and summer, I feel great, but for sometime during the autumn and winter I get up almost every morning feeling like I got hit by a bus. I have extremely sore muscles, a mild headache,  sore throat and are very congested.  It almost feels like a hangover!  Could it be allergy related?

Best Answer:

There are actually a few things which can lead to autumn or winter allergies in the home.  To start with, most homes which have air conditioning will have some mold which has grown in the coil box during the summer season. This mold will dry out and can become airborne once the heating cycles start. Even though these dead mold spores may all be blown from the coil box after time, they are still present in the indoor environment causing allergy symptoms.  The only proven method to reduce mold particles from the indoor environment is to thoroughly clean all surfaces with a HEPA (High Efficient Particle Air) vacuum cleaner.

Secondly, there are many new pollens which are present in the outdoors during the autumn and winter months and unfortunately they do not loose their ability to create allergy symptoms even when freezing weather sets in. Each time we open our doors, outdoor pollen can enter the indoor environment and just like mold should be removed using a HEPA vacuum.

Thirdly, it is actually possible to become allergic to the cold weather, air conditioning or even ice cream. It is rare but it can cause the symptoms you are describing and should be diagnosed by an allergy specialist.

About the Author: Carlton Jones, an allergy sufferer and part-time writer in New York, NY

Allergic to the Cold

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