Treating Allergies

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treating-allergiesUsing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or similar energy therapies to treat or cure allergies can be a great relief and in some cases can literally be a life saver. But the outcome of these treatments is often misunderstood by people who receive them.

Using energy work to heal allergies started in the 1980s with an accidental discovery by Devi Nambudripad who discovered that allergies could be cured through the use of acupuncture. He called his therapy Elimination of Technical Nambudripad allergy. Since then, thousands of people have found relief using NAET and therapies, such as Bio-Set and Freedom Technique Emotional.

Diagnosis is made through muscle response testing. The patient holds a vial containing a very small sample or equivalent energy the suspected allergen in one hand while sticking out his opposite arm. The practitioner considers the ease with which they can push for the extended arm. If the arm becomes weak and easy to push down, so anything that clings to the patient is considered an allergen.

Treatment involves the professional checking specific acupuncture points, while the patient sits still.  After a few EFT treaments, the patient can generally can eat food again without problem.

The misunderstanding comes when the patient believes he can eat all the foods that are processed without any problems. Almost everybody will test weak (allergic) to table sugar and artificial sweeteners. A few EFT treatments does not insyre that food is safe to eat at once. Using energy therapies to overcome food sensitivity should not be seen as a way to eat the junk food without consequences.

Many people have severe allergies to exhaust from cars and buses. Treatments does not mean you can spend an hour in a closed room with a bus idling outside the door without getting sick.

Sugar from food is simply not good for you and is never part of a healthy diet. It’s always going to be “calories empty” and can lead to tooth decay, obesity and worse.  But being able to eat anything without an allergic reaction, and saying that a food is OK to eat are two different things.

Using EFT to get rid of allergies can be one of the best things you can do for your health. But once the allergies are gone, do not be silly with all foods you can eat.

About the Author: Reuven Wachsberger is an accomplished EFT practitioner, energy worker.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comCommon Sense when Using EFT to Treat Allergies and Food Sensitivities

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