Workplace Allergies

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Workplace-AllergiesEveryday we go to work and perform our routine duties could be aggravating our allergies symptoms. We tend to think that the allergy symptoms we experience while working at the office are just because of outdoor pollen or mold counts for that day. However, more times than not, there is something lurking in the indoor environment of the buildings we work in which is directly causing of our symptoms.

As energy costs rise, building owners and management companies tend to do everything possible to make a building “tighter.” The tighter building trend has led to a new term being used to describe it; “sick building syndrome.” More and more building occupants are experiencing sickness and allergy related symptoms they attribute to their work environment.

Stan Hall of Megaclean, Inc recently stated to us “I have seen a rise in workplace allergies in buildings in the Dallas-Ft.Worth metroplex from mold spores found in the air handling systems. We get calls regularly in the spring and fall months from building owners and building management companies requesting inspections or cleaning of their air handling units to clean excessive mold which has built up over the past year. This mold becomes airborne quite easily and is blown into the workspace causing allergy related symptoms in non-allergy sufferers as well as allergy and asthma sufferers.”

My Job Is Making Me Sick

Without a doubt, mold spores growing in an air handler is the primary cause of allergy symptoms in an office environment while chemicals are in the typical industrial setting. So what can one do when they feel like their job in making them sick? Here are a few tips for dealing with the possibility of a workplace health problem:

  1. Ask your co-workers if they are also experiencing an allergy or other health symptoms they feel is directly related to work.
  2. Discuss it with your supervisor and suggest they pass the complaints along to the building manager or owner.
  3. Suggest that the building manager or owner have the building checked out by a qualified air conditioning contractor. There are even companies which can investigate and access the possibility of sick building syndrome and it’s many causes.
  4. If the supply air diffusers are very dirty, take a digital picture of it and email to the appropriate person for verification that they may have a indoor air quality deficiency.
  5. Suggest that the janitorial crew used a true HEPA vacuum cleaner which will help clean the work environment better that standard vacuums.
  6. Ask for a HEPA air purifier to be place in your immediate work environment to help filter the air better from potential air pollutants.

The bottom line: In this day of technology and knowledge, there is no excuse for allergy or other health symptoms from your workplace. Speak up if you feel being at work is making you ill and point out that it may be detrimental to your work productivity. More employers are realizing that creating a healthy work environment for their employees is good for the employee and what is good for the employee is good for the company.

Source: Stan Hall of Megaclean Inc. They provide Commercial/Industrial Cleaning & Environmental Services in Dallas, Texas since 1982. Stan Hall is also known as the Sick House Doctor and is a recognized specialist in Indoor Air Pollution. He is widely known as the originator of T.E.A.M., the scientifically proven approach to controlling and resolving indoor air pollution.


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